What is a revenue stream?

What are all the different sources of income for your business?

A revenue stream is a form of revenue. It is considered one of the building blocks of a business model, that reveals the earning a business makes from all the methods by which money comes in. Revenue streams may be characterized. For example, a revenue stream has volatility, predictability, risk, and return. – Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revenue_stream)

The phrase revenue stream can stand for all forms of income for the business. The phrase has recently seen a lot more usage because of the innovative revenue generation ideas new age businesses have given birth to. http://www.inc.com/encyclopedia/revenue-streams.html

What are the different types of revenue streams?

Traditional business supported a limited set of revenue streams – asset sale, usage fee, subscription fee, lending/renting/leasing, licensing, brokerage fee, advertising. But, many new revenue streams have been discovered with the advent of new age businesses built for an information economy and leveraging the internet and mobile proliferation.

Why revenue streams matter?

Revenue streams matter for obvious reasons – they specify where will your business make money from. All your stakeholders and especially your investors will care to know how will the business make money. Defining revenue streams is also a great way to validate if your idea is just an idea or a thriving business waiting to be created.

It is important to have a diversified set of revenue streams so you can ride the market waves. http://www.business2community.com/strategy/diversifying-revenue-streams-can-improve-business-0654514

It is critical to continuously look for new revenue streams – a good businessman does not leave anything on the table.https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/274210